4 responses to “Ananas comosus”

  1. Richard

    “Workers who cut up pineapples have their fingerprints almost completely obliterated by pressure and the keratolytic effect of bromelain (calcium oxalate crystals and citric acid were excluded as the cause).” If that isn’t the basis for a ‘whodunit’ I don’t know what is.

  2. Fred

    Do the fingerprints grow back when the workers stay away from pineapples?

  3. Maire Smith

    I read a few years ago that fingerprint strength varies: women tend to have less clear prints than men, and bricklayers tend to have less clear prints than practically everyone else.
    So I guess a female bricklayer who loved pinapples would have been the perfect criminal back before DNA testing.

  4. Alexander Jablanczy

    A bit of a confusion here fingerprints are what traces a human finger leaves on most surfaces probably mostly denatured fats and somewhat fewer proteins. Fingerprints DOES NOT refer to the actual rete ridges of human skin. I doubt that bromolein dissolves human fingers skin and all.
    Though I wouldnt dip my hand into nitric or sulphuric acid.

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