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  1. Chris Wolverton

    I’m glad you could use the image, Daniel. Keep up the great work. My intro botany students have each “adopted” a plant species to characterize this semester, and I’ve been sending them to BPotD as an example of how it can be done well.

  2. Beverley

    Theobroma cacao – Z10 – RHS Index of Garden Plants, Griffiths

  3. sheila williams

    Beautiful photograph. This is a ‘cauliflorous’ flower/fruit that grows directly out of the trunk and main branches of the tree. You can just see it in the photo if you let your eye follow the stalk upwards, it is attached directly to the branch. During my time working in Belize the Maya showed us how to suck the geletin off the seeds. It had a distinct ‘chocolate’ flavour.

  4. sheena

    I love your photos!!! I enjoy them everyday. I love that you show so much variety. Excellent.

  5. Katherine

    Great choice! It’s nice to see what I’ll be eating so much of today.

  6. Jeremy Cherfas

    What’s the stringy stuff?
    I’d rather see a picture of Theobroma than a long-stemmed thornless, scentless, red rose, that’s for sure.

  7. Liz

    What an interesting photo. I had no idea what the orrigin of my beloved chocolate looked like! Thanks! And now would you happen to have a photo of vanilla beans? I enjoy your pics every day, thank you.

  8. Maureen

    so that’s what the “chocolate tree” looks like! I always wondered. Beautiful photo — thanks to Chris.

  9. Daniel Mosquin

    Jeremy, not sure what the stringy stuff is – I’m assuming it is grass from a loosely-made nest.
    Liz, I’d be happy to do vanilla one day (and cinnamon!), but I don’t have access to the plants at the moment. I’ll likely see these somewhere during my trip to a few of the gardens / conservatories in the US.

  10. Rodney Young

    The “stringy stuff” is Spanish-moss, Tillandsia usneoides (L.) L. (Bromeliaceae).

  11. Daniel Mosquin

    Mystery solved! Thank you, Rodney – I’m very happy to learn something new.

  12. Mark Reed

    Nice pic, is it possible to get these plants in the U.S?

  13. Daniel Mosquin

    Hello Mark – I like to keep BPotD as non-commercial as possible, so I’d prefer sourcing plants discussions to be posted to the garden’s discussion forums – there is an area for posting questions about sourcing plants.

  14. kevin

    can i get seeds for this tree?i had a little tree years ago

  15. Daniel Mosquin

    Kevin – see the comment immediately preceding yours.

  16. C. Brown

    Is this growing in an OH greenhouse? Is UBC growing any and, if so, under what conditions?
    Thank you!

  17. joe

    Beautiful pic. Is it possibleto get these plants in the U.S?

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