8 responses to “Euphorbia mellifera”

  1. Patricia

    What lovely plant. You show me such blooms that keeps me coming to your site everyday. What profusion.

  2. Ron B

    Rated Zone 8 by BOTANICA, which says “Although not very frost hardy, in favorable positions in a sunny, sheltered garden it will make an impressive feature plant”. Other references rate it Zone 9. I had one here for awhile, it never amounted to much but the position was rooty, with hedging behind. A planting at a grocery in Seattle was conspicuous. Next to the dramatic leaves the small, bronze green bracts are a letdown, resembling Veratrum spp. in this respect: you expect something equally arresting to come out of the top of those leaves.

  3. Jeremy Cherfas

    Not to disagree totally with Mary Newstead, but I’d like to suggest Euphorbia polychroma is a finer plant. My prejudice, of course.
    I’d link to one of my pictures of it, but I haven’t scanned them yet.

  4. carla

    arguably the BEST euphorbia.

  5. Jane Touhey

    A wonderful plant! Mine suffered in a pot for years so I could move it to follow the sun in my shady garden in Ireland. We moved and it has now been in open fertile ground, sheltered from the wind, for two years. It has grown hugely, keeps its shapely green leaves over winter and flowered last summer. Amazing scent of honey – absolutlely fabulous. I love this plant.

  6. emma townshend

    I wonder whether this actually might not be mellifera, but instead stygiana – it has strong ivory midribs running down the leaves and such strongly red fall foliage.

  7. Jane

    Wonderful plant! Though it hates very cold winds, the honey fragrance and the wonderful shape of the plant is fabulous.

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