9 responses to “Cirsium occidentale var. occidentale”

  1. moses

    i found it is very interesting site it gives information on a vast subject on botany i like this site

  2. Sophie

    So the webs are part of the plant, not an insect infestation of some sort ? It’s very interesting…

  3. Beverley

    Cirsium occidentale var. occidentale – Z9 – Index of Garden Plants, Griffiths

  4. Thor

    The downiness may be an adaptation to capture fog droplets in an otherwise very dry

  5. Michael Brown

    You guys have many wonderful subjects such as this on this site, and many that I have never seen.
    Think I will enjoy coming in here!

    Excellent image here too, with nice contrasting colors and details.

  6. Thomas Kirkman

    I just love this site. I found in on the RefDesk site and have been coming back ever since. All the best to you.

  7. Daniel Mosquin

    Thanks for the kind comments, all.

  8. Chris Grant

    Thank you for the link to the photographs of Edward Burtynski. I just finished looking at hundreds of his images on his gallery sites. I am in awe.

  9. Daniel Mosquin

    Agreed, Chris.

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