4 responses to “Centaurea cyanus”

  1. Knox M. Henry

    Do I assume correctly that the rule marks are in millimetres? Congratulations to Eric for a striking photo of Centaurea cyanus.

  2. judy newton

    The seeds are wonderful and a beautiful picture Eric. Gerald Straley was always facinated with the beauty of seeds under the microscope and enjoyed sharing them. He frequently stuck his head around my office door to come and have look.

  3. Bill Ravenscroft

    Is this plant related to chicory?
    As an ex-pat from England my first reaction on seeing chicory growing along the road side in upper New York state was to believe it was the cornflower I knew in England.
    The flowers,foliage and habit resemble one another quite closely.

  4. Eric La Fountaine

    Yes, those are millimetres. The achenes are roughly 3 to 4 mm long x 2 mm wide, the crown of hair-like appendages that aid the dispersal of the seeds add a few mm to the overall dimensions of the seeds.
    Chicorium spp. (chicory) and Centaurea cyanus are in the same family, Asteraceae, but are in different subfamilies.

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