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  1. Frieder Kommoss, MD

    I really enjoy your website a lot! Thank you very much. Keep the good stuff coming! I am a plant lover in Heidelberg, Germany. I recently enjoyed a stunning visit to Vancouver (great Botanical Gardens). I envy people living there!
    Thanks again, best regards
    Frieder Kommoss

  2. Ron B

    Will the artistic nudity be live, or just in photographs?
    I would equate Jacqueline du Pre (and not ‘Harwanna’) with the common name. Some commerical listings actually do this (indicate selling names of plants that have them as common names), perhaps by mistake.

  3. Daniel Mosquin

    Ron – just in photographs.
    Equating Jacqueline du Pre with the common name would mean a failure of the trademark, would it not? After the patent expires and anyone can propagate and sell this plant, they will have to sell it under the name ‘Harwanna’ rose or Rosa ‘Harwanna’ (unless they buy into the trademark scheme). They would not be able to sell it as the Jacqueline du Pre rose, or mention it as such. Would a common name stand if it can be only used when you have exclusive license for it?

  4. Ron B

    We’re talking about a mistake, anyway, as neither the cultivar name or the selling name are common names.

  5. agustin


  6. Jacquel

    Jacqueline du Pré is my favorite cellist ever! And this rose very beautiful.

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