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  1. Daniel Mosquin

    Ah, I forgot to mention. I took a photograph of this two and a half years ago (in warmer light): Rosa filipes ‘Kiftsgate’.

  2. Ron B

    One of the ‘Kifsgate’ in the garden – probably the specimen shown – could be 27m up the grand fir it occupies as well.
    Prospective purchasers/those having bought one should note that some stock sold in North America is not true, having shiny leaves and flowers with occasional extra petals, in smaller clusters.

  3. Beverley

    Rosa filipes ‘Kiftsgate’ – Z5 – RHS Index of Garden Plants, Griffiths

  4. Maire Smith

    That’s an absolutely stunning image in black and white. Wow.

  5. Daniel Mosquin

    Thanks Maire. When I took the photograph, I “saw” it as a black and white image.

  6. Helen Joe

    Planted two Rosa filipes Kiftsgate last summer. Lots of height and bloom began at end of first week of July here in Brtish Columbia, Canada. I live in Campbell River the island of B.C..
    I have a question. Do I deadhead the remaining part after the flowers fall off. I was hoping that if I did then I would get a second bloom. The flowers are starting to fall of now, three weeks after they bloom. I know that the hips turn in the autumn. Are the hips the part that is left after the flower falls off. What do I do if I want the flowers to bloom through til sept. is that possible.
    Thanks. Cheers. helen

    1. Barb

      I live in Vancouver and looking to buy a kiftsgate rose or find a cutting to propagate. Would welcome hearing from anyone who has this beautiful specimen!


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