6 responses to “Omphalotus illudens”

  1. Patricia

    What a nice buttery colour,,,I guess not good to eat but a feast for the eyes.

  2. Matt

    Definitely NOT good to eat. The mushrooms contain muscarine (one of the more common poisons found in various species of fungi) which can cause severe gastric upset and profuse sweating. Jack o’lanterns are sometimes mistaken for chanterelles- but chanterelles don’t grow in tight clusters.

  3. Eric at Paris Daily Photo

    Absolutely wonderful. I really love it. The colours are warm and edible.

  4. Alexander Jablanczy

    Nuclear or as American politicians and their wives pronounce it nucular ribosomal DNA? I thought the rRNA hangs out in the cytosol far from the nucular nucleus.

  5. Kack Ratsapho

    Can you eat this mushroom ? I got them from the golf course today ?

  6. josh

    can you eat these i got some from back in the woods

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