8 responses to “Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Nana Gracilis’”

  1. Dan

    Is it true that the term, “dwarf”, simply means slow growing as opposed to “nana” or “pigmy” which designate small growers?

  2. Beverley

    Chamaecyparis obtusa – Z6 – RHS Index of Garden Plants, Griffiths
    Chamaecyparis obtusa – Z4-8 – A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants, Brickell, Cole, Zuk
    Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Nana Gracilis’ – Z4 – Heronswood catalogue, Hinkley

  3. Ron B

    Conifer Society has dwarf and slow-growing conifers organized into specific categories based on growth rate. Try their web site, in think the schedule is posted there. Stearn, BOTANICAL LATIN (David & Charles) says nanus means dwarf.

  4. Catherine Munn

    Will this conifer do well in a south-facing situation, but where it is surrounded with taller, deciduous trees? I would say an open shade position.

  5. Ali B

    I visited Botanical Gardens for the first time today and fell in love with this sweet little thing. Is there a place I can buy a ‘Nana Gracilis’ in BC? And yes I know, it takes 30 years to get it there…

  6. Andrea Lyon

    I have the Chamaecyparis Obt Gracilis. I have noticed when touching it a powdery dust appears.
    Is there a fungus or disease? If so how do I treat it? The problem would be that it is right next to a Japanese Koi pond. Any ideas or suggestions?

  7. Connie Riome

    Will this plant withstand the cold winters in Canada (Saskatchewan)?

  8. Daniel Mosquin

    Probably not with those zone ratings.

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