4 responses to “Brassica oleracea [Savoy Cabbage Group] ‘Melissa’”

  1. Eric at Paris Daily Photo

    Bonjour! I never thought I’d come across another photo a day blog that was about botany! The photos are excellent and I may add your site to my links. I’ll be back for sure! Merci!

  2. George

    I have grown Melissa and it is a wonderful cabbage with great flavor and ease of growing. The slugs in our neck of the woods also like it. Our neck of the woods by the way is NW Oregon.

  3. Daniel Mosquin

    Thanks George. You can see a few slug nibbles in the older leaves here – I assume they are slug nibbles, anyway.

  4. Ron B

    I’ve had them mostly wait until the heads were sizing up and then really go for them, as though trying to be a nuisance.

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