4 responses to “Verbascum eriophorum”

  1. Christopher Denton

    On behalf of we non Latin scholars, may we ask that you translate the latin name for us for each entry. By doing so we may begin to recognize certain repeating forms and words. Plus by this repetition and familiarity, you would begin to convert us to the Latin nomenclature, which would be a good thing.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Christopher Denton
    1237 West First Street
    Elmira, New York 14905

  2. Anthony

    The latin name means “wool-bearing mullein”.

  3. Matt

    If you’re interested, here is a weblink from Oregon State University that explains how scientific names work,why they are needed, etc.

  4. Monika Stein

    Dear Sirs,
    i am amazed about the great photographs on your website. I am just writing an article in a very little magazin (only a run of 150) about verbascum and just wanted to copy the photo of verbascum in black-and-white. I want to ask about your kind permission! Of course I will mention your website and if you watn, I could set a link on my website, too.
    Greetings, best wishes and a very nice day!

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