5 responses to “Polytrichum juniperinum”

  1. Maire Smith
  2. Daniel Mosquin

    Maire, I had found that photograph but I didn’t think it was particularly illustrative of the height. That’s not a criticism of the image, as I rarely show scale with my photographs, but I was seeking something out specifically for that purpose.

  3. Maire Smith

    Ah, that makes sense.
    It sounds very interesting, I must say. I’ll keep an eye out for it this weekend when I’m bush-walking. Thanks for the (as ever) interesting post and beautiful image.

  4. Ron B

    Come to think of it, I haven’t seen any of these around lately. Used to have them right here in the yahd. Wonder if there has been a reduction in their abundance, or just a reduction in my awareness.
    To show scale Daniel should put up a picture of some pine or camellia leaves. Those often have them.

  5. Frank Allen

    I am always amazed how beautiful the moss is up close and personal.
    This shows the fiberouus covering, and some wonderful color !

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