4 responses to “Juniperus horizontalis”

  1. Anthony

    What is it that makes these cones? Instead of berries or some other kind of fruit? Don’t cones have to have scales?

  2. Matt

    Good question, Anthony. Juniper cones do indeed look like berries, and are often called by that name. But the resemblance to a berry is only superficial. A close examination of a juniper “berry” reveals that it is actually composed of fused cone scales. Instead of being woody, like other cones of other cypress family members, the cone scales of a juniper are fleshy, further reinforcing the notion of a berry. Of course, the word “cone” is somewhat misleading in this case, as juniper cones aren’t cone shaped!

  3. Michael F

    Some more pics of Juniperus cones, some of which show the scales more obviously:

  4. Anthony

    Thanks Michael, that is a great web page, with a variety of good illustrations of Matt’s explanation.

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