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  1. Ron B

    Down here it has been publicly lamented by at least one local weather scientist that those pooh-poohing global warming are getting most of the media exposure, thus skewing the general perspective.
    What do you suppose the flowers were that Davidson (or whomever) painted red in the above image? Indian paintbrush?

  2. Daniel Mosquin

    Ron, yes, I’d agree with your guess on Castilleja re: the red flowers.

  3. Maureen

    Daniel, that’s a great old photo of Black Tusk meadows – I’m sorry to hear about the loss of the meadows, whatever the cause — Garibaldi has alot of significance for me. I spent many days hiking, camping, snowshoeing in the park when I was in highschool and college and remember it well. Garibaldi park’s alpine meadows are one of my favorite places on Earth. I wish I could attend your lecture, but it’s a bit far for me. I’m in Montana. Good luck and I hope you have a large appreciative audience.

  4. Mary Wehner

    Poem I just wrote after seeing this old photo:
    (On viewing a John Davidson Hand Painted Lantern Slide
    of an Alpine Valley in early 1900 in British Colombia—/
    Where Carnations bled deep —/
    un-flecked, and the white/
    frilled blossoms and pink fragrance/
    ran down through the gullies,//
    where the soft sulfured insects/
    with spotted wings/
    and the straight arrow breeze/
    grew bolder,//
    in a tired undertow/
    where fires were stifled/
    and trees began the climb/
    up warm hillside,//
    where children will not/
    know the difference/
    standing on tangled roots —/
    a muscle they believe to be their ancestry.

  5. Daniel Mosquin

    Mary, thanks for sharing. It is much appreciated.

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