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  1. Sally

    Wow– I had no idea (that there was a pinnately veined species). Thanks for all you do with this wonderful site; I’ve been spreading the word to botanical friends. I’m just back from Indiana, where I saw hornbeam (and many others), so this refresher is timely!

  2. Beverley

    Acer carpinifolium – Z5, RHS Index of Garden Plants, Griffiths

  3. Michael F

    Worth noting that the first four veins are palmately arranged (arising from a single point with the midrib) – and in this leaf, run out to slightly larger teeth (nearly small lobes), giving the leaf a somewhat ‘wasp-waisted’ appearance.
    The four basal veins applies to the pics on the species’ Maple Gallery thread too:
    One can see that this is derived from a palmate-leaved ancestor, which has just developed the central lobe much larger than the other lobes.

  4. Ron B

    Z4 (Europe 5) – Maples for Gardens, Van Gelderen & Van Gelderen

  5. sean

    i grow this plant…but only began recently …in the sunniest driest part of the greenhouse Acer carpinifolium appears as though it may be drought tolerant? I cant wait till they make it to the field and get big enough to appreciate.

  6. Daniel Mosquin

    A photograph from November 29, 2006 of the same tree.

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