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  1. Anthony

    Thanks for posting both versions. Each has a strong point, the first displaying a wider range of color while the second shows the reflections from the berries better. My opinion is that the shiny reflections are the aesthetic key to this shot. Thanks again for an endlessly involving website.

  2. Daniel Mosquin

    Anthony – interesting, as I prefer the former. What has particularly been illustrated to me as I share these photos is how subjective it is. What one person likes, another person says boring, and vice versa.

  3. Gregory

    Do you think this was the plant used as a real drug to american soldiers during the vietnam war? I got this from the movie Jacob’s Ladder by Adrian Lynne which tells a story of how the drug BZ was used on soldiers which was extracted from the belladonna plant.

  4. Daniel Mosquin

    Gregory, I don’t know about whether it was used or not, but it certainly has the potential: Nerve and Incapacitating Agents.

  5. A Jablanczy

    Before atropine gets a bad name it is one of the most commonly used ER drugs worldwide as well as in ophthalmology and anaesthesia. Which doesnt mean that it is not a lethal poison, it is, but used properly in the right doses is a lifesaver.
    It would be idiotic to use in healthy soldiers.

  6. terri

    Ireally injoyed this site,iam very interested in this plant by the way did you do this for school,or for something else,where did you find the seed or plant . this plant i would like to do something like this for a school project it would be different i problay get a good mark better then the others could you please help me out please,tell me how i can i can get a neat plant like this ah before school is over i would really appreceaie it. truly terri p.s. just email me thanks

  7. bob

    I prefer the woman with the same name.

  8. Dan

    i have this stuff in my back yard and didnt know what it was. My dog ate some last year and got really sick not even the vet could identify the herb .

  9. Madan Gopal Khemka

    We are intrested to grow in a farm and how to get seed and which type are better for sale in Extract form, Kindly guide me Thanks

  10. Louis Ancar

    I have read about the plant and find the claims very of being poisonous considering that my family/neighboord eats it, the leaves only.

  11. Claudia borio

    Please be careful this plant is poisonous by eating and also by contact with the skin, it can lead to death especially small children. The drug given to Viet soldiers was most likely anphetamin.

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