3 responses to “Ulmus parvifolia ‘Seiju’”

  1. Patricia

    I have been collecting pictures of plants and I have found a facination in a subject I do not know. I suppose that their is a formal way of learning botany, but at my stage in life, plunging right in is probably best. Thanks for the photos.

  2. matt

    Like any subject, there is formal training available, of course. But there are so many ways to study and appreciate plants- you just need to ask yourself, what do I want to know? What do I want to do with this knowledge? If you’re like me, perhaps you just find plants fascinating…I don’t have any formal training, either. But I have found that through reading (and the wealth of written material on plants–from the dry and technical to the casual and hip–is myriad) and visits to the field I’ve learned a tremendous amount. It also helps to hang out with other “plant people.” I think you will find as you study plants more, the more you will want to know. Best of luck.

  3. Mary Ann, in Toronto

    Many thanks for the link to Histograms. I used my beloved old Olympus OM-1 for a couple of decades, and then finally gave in and bought a digital SLR (Canon Rebel). A nice camera, and I (or somebody) could probably do a lot with it, but so far I haven’t done much more than point-and-shoot. Sigh. One day I’ll learn how to use the thing. I’m keen on this hisotgram business, I like graphs and things, maybe I’ll get interested in that, and then learn how to do digital photography.

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