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  1. Michael

    What seems striking is that this cactus is healthy throughout its interior. One would imagine that over time this cactus would “strangle” itself to death by preventing air and light to the initial growth inside. Does this happen?

  2. Colleen Kilkenny

    Wow! I’ve never seen anything like that!

  3. Daniel Mosquin

    Michael, I don’t know. All I can say is that photographs I’ve seen of this cactus generally show it at about this size and not much larger, so if it doesn’t get too much bigger, I don’t think that’s a risk.
    On a different note, I wonder if anyone else noticed the resemblance between the image of the cristate saguaro and the first image on the page of the link explaining meristems?

  4. Jeremy Cherfas

    The close-up is truly intriguing. Thanks agsain, Daniel. I’ve been away on duty travel for a while, and catching up on old BPOTD shots is a perfect break.

  5. Gonzalo

    Hi there!!!
    Just one question:
    Is there anyway to make a crestate variation from a normal cacti? or is just nature’s law…?

  6. Big Dan

    I received one of these for Christmas. I am a full time student with a pretty solid GPA so the humor was appreciated. I am not, however, a plant person. What do I need to know to keep this very interesting mutation healthy?

  7. Daniel Mosquin

    Dan, if no one answers you on here, I suggest posting to the Cacti and Succulents forum on the UBC Botanical Garden Forums. I personally don’t know, not having grown any of these. I imagine the conditions are similar to growing other cacti – infrequent watering with very well-draining soil and a good amount of sunlight.

  8. cheryl

    I live in northeastern PA. I was wondering if you can buy one in this area, and, if so, where do I get one. They are so absolutely cool!!!!

  9. Dr.Mani

    Dear sir,
    Thank you very much sir for the photograph of this plant. Earlier i have never seen this plant though i have grown different plants. If you wish to see some of my rare plants, I’l send you photos by E-mail. Reply me as per your needs.Feel free to communicate with me.

  10. tehol

    Mines bigger(though not much, maybe 1.5 times). I’ve had it since it was smaller, and have been growing it for 11 or so years. The only thing I’ve done that I would assume is something specific to this plant is to keep a semi-close eye out for rot. Some spots might go softer, and brown, but with the dense spines it’s not always easy to see. However, the spines aren’t painful(they may get stuck in you though) and I just use my bare hands to pull away the dead parts, being sure to go as deep as I need to.

  11. Jennifer

    I just received this cactus as a gift and i’m not sure how to take care of it mine has orange flowers on the top,wondering if it can live outside on my porch or bring it inside and how much water it needs. Thanx

  12. tehol

    Hey jennifer,
    I’m the same tehol as above. I kept my cactus (which is still growing) outside for years. However, I only did this in the summertime. This of course depends on how much rain and sun and heat you get in your area.
    Mosquin has it right when he says “infrequent watering with very well-draining soil and a good amount of sunlight.”
    If you live in a climate similar to Toronto, Canada, you should be fine in the summer. Just take it in during storms, and find your sunniest porch.

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