12 responses to “Beta vulgaris subsp. cicla var. flavescens ‘Bright Lights’”

  1. Maureen

    I have always loved mixing edible plants with the other, ornamental plants in my gardens. This photo makes the chard look gorgeous, as well as delectable. Nice photo!

  2. ~Siabhra~

    I had to laugh when i saw this plant.. of its the Chard! short and funny story. my daughter and i went to visit a friend and upon arrival at their doorstep we were greeted by a variety of lovely flowering plants as well as some very colorful Swiss Chard and Rainbow Kale. Whilst we were waiting upon the answer of the door, my daughter said, ” Oh look mommie… rainbow Kale and Chard!!!” she being a viracious vegetarian, she bend over and pluck a leaf or two and began munching. I was at first horrified she would start grazing on someone’s foliage which was obviously meant to be ornamental and then i laughed. Then i said…”Well i guess people will know “Fern has been here!” we laughed and our friend opened the door as she was munching… She too thought it was funny!

  3. firoza

    I am glad I have subscribed to this site of botanical plants. This photo of bright lights Swiss Chard is really delightful and brings exclaimation of wonder and awe to everyone who sees it in my family . Thank you.

  4. firoza

    In my part of the world (Karachi, Pakistan) we dont eat this plant. It would have been better if you had mentioned which part of this plant is edible.
    Thank you for receiving my previous comment.

  5. Shelia R. Carter

    This particular specimen compels me to get my Vitamins A & K via the “Chard” family of nutritious foods. It looks good enough to eat! Look out Skittles! There is a new rainbow in town!

  6. Maurice Grout

    In answer to firoza’s question, you can eat the leaves and stalks. I have grown Brightlights and similar for several years, it certainly brightens up the vege garden. Here in New Zealand Swiss Chard is commonly known as Silver Beet. Rumour has it that it resulted originally from a cross between Swiss Chard and Beetroot.

  7. Fred Wilhelm

    May I have permission to use a small copy of your swiss chard picture in an article I am writing?

  8. Daniel Mosquin

    Fred, here’s the license, so it depends on the nature of your article and whether you are getting paid for it.

  9. janeth

    hola, estoy interesada en investigar acelgas Beta vulgaris var. cicla. no se si ustedes me pueden ayudar en ello.

  10. AL Rawlinson

    Stunning photo – says a lot!

  11. sabri salah

    please i need to complete my doctoral study on this plant so i need seeds to cultivated it in egypt thanks to all.

  12. Coralie

    Great foto!!i love 🙂

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