2 responses to “Agastache aurantiaca”

  1. charissa

    I thought it had a mint over-tone for the most part. After wandering around the garden center more and finding the “anise – licorice” variations, I found myself believing the scents were “married”. At home, YET another smell seemed to emerge…the sligthest hint of lemon.. All the most wonderful fragrances rolled in to one. This truly is a hard one to put your finger on! All I know is I CAN’T SEEM TO KEEP MY FACE AWAY FROM IT!!!!!

  2. Mary Ann, in Toronto

    I’m continually amazed by the diversity of the plant world. As I started to slowly scroll down through the photo, I thought, OK, a little cluster of plummy-coloured florets or something… and then this incredible orange tube appears, and never seems to end! Understandable, how the hummingbirds would feel about this one.

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