5 responses to “UBC Botanical Garden Main Lawn”

  1. Bobbie

    This was such fun to see outward views and also to see the arial views of a faraway place.

  2. Jenn

    So… What are the brown cut lines in the grass? A labyrinth? Is it just cut into the grass? What does it look like in plan view?

  3. Daniel Mosquin

    Jenn, the brown cut lines visible in the forefront are indeed a symbolic labyrinth. They are burned in using a propane weed burner. I’ll ask around to see what exists on paper that I might be able to share, otherwise I might have to go and take a photograph on a ladder.

    The dark brown angles in the distant hill are iron edging. At one time (over a decade ago), that area was going to be an evolutionary garden. The project, which was to be funded internally, had progressed to the point of delineating the beds with the iron edging. Unfortunately, fiscal restraints at the time and succeeding years led to abandonment of that project.

  4. matt

    Glad you showed the brown grass. I know friends of mine who are from other parts of the USA are always surprised to learn how dry it is here in the Pacific NW (I’m in Washington)during the summer.

  5. Jenn


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