4 responses to “Picea glauca and Arceuthobium pusillum”

  1. Anthony

    Would the mistletoe be less prevalent in the more northerly portion of the white spruce’s range?

  2. Daniel Mosquin

    At least this particular mistletoe, yes – check out the USDA Forest Service link (has a distribution map for the dwarf mistletoe).

  3. judy newton

    I always have been facinated with mistletoe. Especially when I discovered that some of our small conifers have been propagated from a mistletoe infected conifer.

  4. jim hall

    viewed this in Glacier Nat. Park and was told that while this area of growth produces seeds from the host tree which are normally sterile sometimes they are fertile. As one who produces Bonsai trees, have been told that these fertile seeds might produce a young tree that is twisted and gnarled and might be
    suitable for producing bonsai. I’m looking for a source seeds if anyone knows of one!!

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