8 responses to “Hydrangea febrifuga”

  1. Jeremy Cherfas

    But why febrifuga? Does it have a medicinal use?

  2. Eric La Fountaine

    Yes, the plant has been used to treat fever and malaria.

  3. Catherine


  4. zoe

    This is beautiful!! but, my hydrangea don’t have persistant blue fruit or indeed any fruit, are they edible? are they relished by birds? thank you, zoe

  5. Eric La Fountaine

    The plant is used medicinally, but I do not see reference to the fruit being edible.

  6. beth

    what zone is this hardy to i would love it for my blue garden!

  7. Michel Rousselin

    Here in Santa Rosa we have three large(6’x6′) plants of these doing very well in semi-shade, but they are getting rangy. What is the best time to prune them?
    Thank you.

  8. phillippa siersema

    I recently purchased one of these in Portland Oregon and now plan to plant it on a north facing wall in my Santa CRUZ mountain garden. Does anyone have experince with how much sun this plant will tolerate ? Pippa.

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