6 responses to “Horseshoe Canyon”

  1. Eric Simpson

    Great picture Daniel (per usual). Can you give us some idea of scale? Are those human-made trails on the canyon floor?

  2. Daniel Mosquin

    Yes, those are human-made trails. The tannish-grey layer at the bottom of the hill in the lower left of the image is approximately 3m high, suggesting that the total depth of the badlands from the ground surface is roughly 30m +/- 5m.
    On a different tack, I wanted to mention that keen observers might note the curvature of the horizon – this is an artifact of a lower-quality lens.

  3. Jeremy Cherfas

    Wonderful. Daniel, have you tried some of the newer tools for stitching together panoramas?

  4. Mansun

    Nice picture!

  5. Daniel Mosquin

    Jeremy, thanks. I’ve not tried any stitching for landscape shots, primarily because I often shoot with a polarizing filter. As the camera rotates on the tripod for the panorama, the angle of the light passing through the polarizer changes, and I’m fairly certain I’d get different colours of blue skies. Then again, I probably could experiment with rotating the polarizer, but that might be a fairly lengthy trial and error process.

  6. Moses

    Hey Daniel. Very nice picture. love it. execpt that the electrical posts in the background spoil it all. I hiked it a month ago…it was amazing. hehe

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