12 responses to “Grasslands National Park”

  1. Mansun

    This is what I like!

  2. jack

    looks like tornado, scary scary

  3. Alicia Price

    This is cool!!!

  4. Kels n Manda

    That is SOO sweet!! I love Grasslands National Park!!

  5. Don Gayton

    Nice shot, but unfortunately the grass in the foreground is the invasive agronomic, crested wheatgrass (agropyron cristatum). It is persistent and very difficult to eradicate.

  6. Yiku Mai

    Wow! I’m doing a geo project on the grass lands, so this is really interesting!

  7. ryan

    I’m also doing a geo project on grasslands, but that’s a nice pic, ty for letting me use it in my title page rofl.

  8. chelsea

    this site is the best its helped me a lot

  9. deiondra

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  10. shania

    hi thanks i am in school and it helped me

  11. Warren Appleton

    This is truely a sad story of the impacts of humanity on nature – but very nice photograph.

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