4 responses to “Coryphantha vivipara”

  1. Stephen Ingram

    Does vivipary for this species refer to its production of vegetative buds (juvenile plants) that are able to drop off and germinate, or seeds that germinate while still within the fruit held by this cactus? thanks-great photo.

  2. Daniel Mosquin

    Stephen, I’m pretty sure it’s as I had written.
    Seeds germinating on the plant, to my mind, have no potential ecological advantage in a conventional situation for a cactus.

  3. Alex Jablanczy

    I dont know about vivipary as it should mean live born as in viviparous vs oviparous egg or baby organism, but the vegetative reproduction herein is a superb description nay definition as to what a clone is. Genetically 100% identical daughter organism.
    Which is why of course Dolly was not a clone but the scientific hoax of the last century as all such nDNA identical but mtDNA chimeric organisms are. Clearly these cacti have the same DNA not just in their nuclei but also in their mitochondriae.
    So vivipary could be called auto cloning thus returning to the original Greek term wherein clone means shoot or offshoot that is vegetatively reproducing plant.

  4. Mike

    Is it true that you can eat the fruits from this plant. I was just wondering if the fruit has any toxins in it, or is it save to eat for most humans.

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