4 responses to “Bouteloua gracilis”

  1. Salvatore Matteliano

    I know what grass looks like!!??

  2. Matt

    Thanks for posting the photograph. Grasses are much underappreciated, I suppose, because they aren’t “showy.” Few people are aware of the astonishing variety of grass species and the differences in size, color, shape and size of the flower inflorescence, etc. We all too often overlook things because they don’t fit with the prevailing definitions of beauty or grandeur. That is unfortunate. Grasses, despite their often humble appearances, are fascinating (and beautiful) plants.

  3. Donna

    Blue grama grass is very drought tollerant and mixed with buffalo grass makes a nice turf. You can plant bulbs in this grass mix and have a sea of color in the late winter and early spring before the grass greens.

  4. Mary Ann, in Toronto

    Very interesting and thought-provoking discussions of the relation between photography and environmentalism — at the linked-to article (in Daniel’s write-up), and following the links within that article (e.g. http://niallbenvie.com/).

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