8 responses to “Vaccinium corymbosum ‘Northland’”

  1. Bree Hanna

    I must say save for rasberries, blackberries, and wildberries, blueberries are probably my favorite fruit. And congradulations on your funding.

  2. Kate

    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the Botany Photo of the Day. I graduated from college about a year ago and took quite a few plant taxonomy/ botany classes (I majored in wildlife biology), I’ts great to refresh my memory of family names along with learning different species names and finding similarities with the ones I already know. Thanks again!

  3. Colleen Kilkenny

    They look good enough to eat!

  4. Daniel Mosquin

    Bree: blueberries are in my top five favourite fruit as well (along with raspberries that you mentioned).
    Kate: you’re very welcome.
    Colleen: They were good enough to eat, but I resisted.

  5. amanda


  6. Mustela Furo

    Oooo, yummy!

  7. Betty(VA)

    I call blueberries the friendly fruit, no thorns, pits, peels and you don’t have to reach up too high or bend down to low (at least with the taller varieties) to get to them. Aaaahhh, perfection. Love the pic! Lovely balance of colors.

  8. Alexander Jablanczy

    Blueberries are the most important part of the ideal breakfast for diabetics hypercholesterolemics hypertensives obese ie most of the population of North America.
    The recipe is steel cut OATS walnuts flax seed BLUEBERRIES of course wild not the garden commercial variety and lately I’ve added cinnamon and latterly poppyseeds. The last reverse osetopenia and osteoporosis.
    Of course milk and sugar are utterly verboten as they are converted to cholesterol or glucose during intermediary metabolism.
    Blueberries really improve the taste and chewability of this gruel.
    Another way of using blueberries is as a topping on a mixed of course fresh not canned fruit salad. This is a miracle as the piney evergreen aroma and taste of the blueberries is liberated in a mixed fruit salad.
    Of course blueberries should not be topped with sugar for obvious reasons.
    Unfortunately I am unable to find the chemical components of blueberries to see what part is responsible for the purported beneficial effects.
    Blueberries are fabulous wild food available for everyone. Could rough grouse bears or native peoples be wrong?

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