6 responses to “Tricyrtis hirta ‘Matzukaze’”

  1. Mike Morri

    I added your feature of the “Botany Photo of the Day” to my Yahoo! home page last month. The photography is awesome. Have I missed any photos of the south african genus clivia? I’d be happy to submit a photo.
    Keep up the fine work!………………Mike Morri

  2. Daniel Mosquin

    Thanks Mike, and no, I haven’t featured any Clivia photographs yet. We don’t have any in the garden’s collections, so unless I encounter one somewhere along the way, the best way to show one off would be to submit yours!

  3. Mike Morri

    I submitted a photo of a unique hybrid of clivia miniata in the Flickr-group. (photo: yellow multipetal clivia)
    Hope you and others enjoy!…………..Mike

  4. Brent

    The cultivar Tricyrtis ‘Matzukaze’ (or ‘Matsukaze’) is translated literally as “pine wind”. I can easily imagine viewing this plant in bloom, while sitting on a Japanese patio on a mid-summer’s eve and meditating for a few moments on its gentle adornment of the shade under the swaying branches of a pine. This would be quite soothing of one’s spirit – an apt name at this time of year!

  5. Susan

    Spectacular, by any name!

  6. Sassy

    tricyrtis is my favorite type of flower! we grow it at my work and i always look forward to it opening, if the deer dont get it first. this is an amazing pictureee!

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