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  1. Matt

    I appreciate your lovely photos, Daniel. So true about the name- what could be more pleasant than walking among the lavender mist? What a marked contrast also with our own T. occidentale. The best name we can manage for ours is “Western Meadow-rue” a yeoman-like name if there ever was one!

  2. donna

    Absolutely lovely! And it shall forever be “lavender mist” to me.

  3. Jeannette

    I’m so looking forward to my small plantings of ‘Meadowrue’ to grow up and hopefully may resemble your magnificent photo!

  4. pam in DM,CA

    My computer refused to show me this photo yesterday. Machines! It came through today and the view was a sight for sore eyes. thanks again, DM

  5. charlienature

    I first saw this plant in its full glory at a garden in Acadia National Park. It is a delight to grow and adds immense interest to my garden.

  6. alice

    love this site, adds pleasure to my day, thanks

  7. Michele Brown

    What a beautiful plant, I wish I would of bought more, and I am sure I will in the future. I too like the name “Lavendar Mist”

  8. Eva Brodin

    Underbar blomma som jag vill ha mycket mera av.

  9. Krista Mellinger

    Not only does Thalictrum give off a magnificent display of flowers which we can all appreciate but I have to fall in love for sure with any plant that has beautiful purple stems and pinnate leaves that appear to be soft and delicate. So when the flower show is over Thalictrum still continues to be sight for my eyes. Thanks for sharing this with plant enthusiasts everywhere!

  10. ulf strindberg

    Dear Sirs! Nice picture!
    Here is some information about Thalictrum rochebrunianum. H&S 92:167, it means Holmberg & Strindberg,year 1992(92) and collectionnumber(167). We collected it as seed in South-Korea, Sorak-San National Park, just north of Hangye on road 46 at altitude 400 m, 15 oktober 1992.
    At this time we both worked at Gothenburgs Botanical Garden. Today we use this plant a lot in our professional work as gardendesigners!
    Mona Holmberg/Ulf Strindberg Sweden

  11. Daniel Mosquin

    Thank you Ulf and Mona!

  12. Jerry Huntley

    I have T. rochebruneanum in my garden, towers to nearly 8′ in my coastal NS climate.

  13. lavender mcmillan

    lovely plant..a just planting one in my reconstituted garden in
    st. leonards on sea england. ilove vancouver.

  14. Rux

    Beautiful plant! I wonder if it likes acid, sandy soils. I can to some extent keep the soil moist and not very sandy, but the acidity… I have a lot of tall pine trees that spread their needles everywhere. Does it grow with no direct sun (north orientation)?
    Thank you.

  15. Linda

    Thank you for posting this photo and the botanical name of this plant. I was given this plant by a friend but could never remember anything about it. It is so unique and a beauty every year. I have mine planted in the full sun (when we have it) on the Oregon coast, and it is quite doing well.

  16. Diane M Staehnke

    I bought this lovely plant for pennies, it was a rescue as far as I was concerned. It was small and dying of thirst in a very small pot at Bi-Mart at the end of summmer. I took it home and planted it in a large pot with other plants–about 5 years ago. It has come back every year, larger and more beautiful than the year before. I absolutely love it! I finally took some of the leaves and flowers to the county extension today to have it identified. Lavender mist is a good name, I always think of lace and fairys when I look at it.

  17. Rhonda T.

    Thank you so much for this lovely photo! This site brings me so much pleasure each and every day. I use a different photo each day for my desktop at work, and when I am feeling stressed, I just minimize all of my windows and enjoy! Ahhh…lavender mist.

  18. Mary E. Roberts

    I have just created a new small garden – approx. 16′ x 4′ and have been searching the internet for an interesting back of the border plant. Thanks to your website I have found it – I can’t wait to purchase several of them (5).

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