10 responses to “Sarracenia purpurea”

  1. Mustela Furo

    Wow! I’ve always wondered what they smell like, but whenever I’m near them I forget to find out. (Therefore, what do they smell like?)

  2. flowerchild

    I’m partial to the pitures of flowers. Color plays an important part for me. Thanks for including both b&w and color.

  3. Gabriel

    WOW!!! I didn’t even know anything like that existed in North America. Is it similar to a Venus Fly Trap? What is the content of the bog…algae, perhaps peat moss?

  4. Gene

    Wow! Great stuff.

  5. Sarah

    Gorgeous. The different shades on the color photograph are just wonderful. Thanks!

  6. cindy

    Any suggestions for getting these guys to grow in the mid-west? Has anyone had success growing them in a ‘modified’ bog in the ohio valley area?

  7. Bailey

    how does this plant protects itself im just wondering cause i am doing a project on it but it does not say and if you could e-mail me some interesting facts about this plant that would be great ASAP though please thanks
    bye from bailey gray

  8. Joan

    June 15, 2008 – I just discovered one of these gorgeous pitcher plants in Tobermory, Ontario Canada, along the shores of Lake Huron in a bog area ! It had 2 flowers on it just like your picture(s) and then I noticed the “pitcher like leaves” . I am an avid gardener, but never, ever had I seen a plant like this before ! I had to search the internet to find out exactly “what it was” and it’s name………………… I will now see if I can find more on another walk !!

  9. Frances Heneghan

    Have Sarracenia in beautiful ornamental glass container-indoors,grows in moss.Stunning to see,but the smell of decay horrific!Not sure of maintenance,any helpful comments? Do pitchers need regular drinks of rainwater?In an indoor situation,if not enough flies as feed,how much meat required and how often?

  10. jeremy.ralph

    I have observed many of these wildflowers in an Alvar in Tobermory Ontario Canada over the years. Here is a picture I took in Aug. 2010 of a beautiful specimen.

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