6 responses to “Santolina rosmarinifolia subsp. rosmarinifolia”

  1. cindy

    Not a plant i can use in our more temperate midwest zone, but i’ve seen these and they are beautiful!
    thanks! cindy

  2. pam in DM,CA

    The flowers in the photo look like the flowerrs of a small, ornamental thyme plant I have growing in a pot. Go figure.

  3. Kay

    Looking at your photos is the high spot of my days. Thank you.

  4. kaitou

    I can’t find the words ^^

  5. Ed Dobbins

    I live in Fort Wayne, IN and have had one of these plants for over 15 years, can’t believe how hardy it is.

  6. Roger Casey

    It Is called a olive herb in Australia you can pick sprigs of bush for salads also frost resisted down to 0c-minus32f grows to .5mt high 1mt wide.

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