4 responses to “Raoulia australis”

  1. Jacque C

    Thanks for the update, I love minitures in the landscape as they require one to take slow down and focus in more closely.

  2. dave

    so what would u say the Physiological adaptations
    of the raoulia is??


    greetings from Italy.
    My question is: how much time to grow as in the photo showed? (large as two hands)
    A botanic garden offered me today a little plant little as a circle of 5 cm.
    May i wait how much time to have a plant large 30 cm?( note that i am 72 old, so…..i cannot wait too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Daniel Mosquin

    This is a 2001 accession, so somewhere between four and seven years to get to this size, I’m guessing.

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