4 responses to “Pinus ponderosa”

  1. Salvatore Matteliano

    makes nice wallpaper

  2. Cassandra

    When I was in summer camp we called these “puzzle-bark trees” and picked up pieces of fallen bark for use in craft projects. I love the smell, too.

  3. passionmiss

    gorgeous coloring….

  4. Fine Pine

    Ponderosa Pine is the best tree out there. Gorgeous fragrances, majestic shape and the bark is awesome!
    I can’t believe I’m so pumped about a tree but I did live a couple of years in BC’s southern interior and we had some fairly big ponderosa pines growing right in our backyard. They were everywhere around Princeton, BC.
    I just love Ponderosa Pine. If I won a lottery, I’d find hillside property that was loaded with these trees!

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