12 responses to “Physalis sp.”

  1. Bobbie

    Beauty in a husk.

  2. Catherine

    Love ur pictures have never seen most of them I enjoy the pictures very much Thank U

  3. bingham

    love the photo of the day

  4. santana

    Here in Hawaii we have an indigenous species called “poha”. It grows abundantly at higher altitudes. Great fresh from the husk and makes superb jam as well.

  5. Engineerbob

    This is a fantastic photo – the one with 4 complete pods. Please do post a full sized version of this. Would like to save this as one of my all time favorite desktop back grounds. This is certainly in the top five. It has received comment from EVERYONE that walked by yesterday.
    Thank you very much for taking the time to create this extraodinary photograph and then to share it on the web!

  6. Daniel Mosquin

    Bob – done as requested.

  7. Rachel

    Nice images!
    Do you know the linguistic origins to the name ixocarpa?

  8. Katherine

    Wonderring if I could use an image of one of these in a design. Would that be possible?

  9. Daniel Mosquin

    Katherine, I suppose so, if your use conforms with the Creative Commons license.

  10. Laura Henderson

    Looks great uncle eric. I remember the famous ground cherry pie too!

  11. Henk Doddema

    This summer of 2008 I was surprised by the sudden appearance of a plant I thought was Datura stramonium, a common wild plant in this area (Haren, northern part of The Netherlands). Its growth, shape, leaves and size, all looked like the D.stramonium, but then it started to flower with pale purple flowers with the typical shape of the Solanaceae, it appaered to be a Physalis. It had a beautiful green and purple, swollen calyx which later covered the small greenish berry inside. The calyx dried to a light brown, very firmly connected, cover around the fruit. I looked on the internet to find out what it was, but although it must surely be a Physalis species, I have no idea about the species. Can you give me an indication of what it might be?

  12. Daniel Mosquin

    Henk — post to the forums (see link above “Post a comment” re: posting gardening questions.

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