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  1. amanda

    i wonder if this is a seasonal appearance, or it looks this way year round?
    nice picture, great capture of the evening sun, i feel warm just viewing it!

  2. Matt

    I can’t think of a western tree clad with more beautiful bark, except perhaps the Ponderosa pine. When I lived in southern Oregon, we had both trees in great quantity. I still live in madrone country (southern Washington), but, alas, they are not nearly so omnipresent.

  3. snaily

    i ask the same question as amanda- is it like that all the time?

  4. Eric La Fountaine

    Yes the bark looks like this year round. Often the trunk is smooth with much of the bark gone. Other than flowering and fruiting, the trees keep a fairly similar appearance throughout the seasons. It does not drop its leaves. Big old arbutus are quite striking. If you are not from the narrow region along the Pacific coast where the tree is native, you would not likely be able to grow the tree. They are very particular about their environment and do not respond to cultivation, generally growing in natural conditions.
    More information is available from the BC Tree Book of the Ministry of Forests and Range.
    The tree is so popular that we have a forum dedicated to it on the UBC Botanical Garden Forums.

  5. Matt

    I have occasionally seen very large, old trees with grayish, course outer bark (similar to its Mediterranean cousin, A. unedo), but even on these trees, the outer bark flaked away on the upper trunk and main limbs to leave the smooth, peeling skin beneath. If you ever have a chance to walk through a grove of these magnificent trees, it will be an expererience you won’t forget.

  6. Jenny Wise

    There is a Arbutus Menziesii Mandrone in the village I live in Settrington, North Yorkshire. The colours are spectacular with the bright green under the dark red bark peeling off. Its very fun to pick at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol
    I’m very suprised the tree has survived the winters in North Yorkshire but the tree is doing well and looking better than ever!!

  7. Dave Wolfe

    This tree is way under appreciated here in the North west. Just a beauty!.

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