3 responses to “Scilla peruviana”

  1. van

    Gorgeous. I just acquired some bulbs of this and am looking forward to planting them in a sandy well-drained spot.

  2. Lori

    I got one of these Caribbean Lilies for Valentines Day from my husband & son. I’m kind of worried about it. It is wilting & some of the flowers are drying up. It has new blooms coming on. The information card said to keep plant dry when leaves begin to wilt. I have transplanted it into a larger pot sinces it was root bound in the small pot it came in. But other that that I have been keeping it in our kitchen that has bright indirect light. Am I taking care of this plant the right way? Any info you can e-mail me would be most helpful! Thanks!!

  3. Daniel Mosquin

    Hello Lori, sounds like a question for the UBC Botanical Garden Forums.

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