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  1. Sophie

    Raoulia australis comes from the name of Etienne Fiacre Louis Raoul, a botanist born in 1815 in Brest. He extensively surveyed New Zealand in the 1840s, one of the last French to do so.
    He’s got a memorial in Brest garden of explorators, and, having travelled to Tasmania and walked to Cape Raoul, I’m used to spotting his name (or his father’s who explored Tasmania) in geography or botany.

  2. neil

    Hi, great site, is it possible to include full URLs in your links? The relative URLs don’t work in Bloglines.

  3. Daniel Mosquin

    Sophie, thanks for the extra comment.
    Neil, thanks and done!

  4. venkat

    Its very use ful site for botanical students.

  5. lance

    Any relationship to Wolffia? Also have
    spectacular photos of flowering Lemna
    persusilla, in November on L.I., New York.

  6. Daniel Mosquin

    Lance, the relationship to Wolffia is actually about as distant as can be between two flowering plants – but isn’t it interesting that the same sort of patterns emerge in “at a glance” appearances?
    I do have to say, Wolffia is pretty cool.

  7. lisa walsh

    That is really neat. I love that part of the world…..

  8. Alison Hymas

    Can you tell me where this plant is available?
    I live in the Toronto area.

  9. Daniel Mosquin

    Alison, that’s a better question for the (hidden until you register) Sourcing Plants and Supplies forum on the UBC Botanical Garden Forums.

  10. Karen

    This is just the perfect plant for a sandy, full sun area among the flagstones in my yard. Since it is a farily large area, I was hoping to find seeds. So far, I’m unable to find any. Any suggestions?

  11. Daniel Mosquin

    Sourcing is difficult – investigating alpine plant societies and participating in trading is one way, if you’re fortunate. You can also post on the Sourcing Plants forum (see link above “Post a Comment”)

  12. Suzanne

    just found this one at Home Depot

  13. Sue Eland

    The way in which you have illustrated the size of patch plant in word and picture is striking.
    The reason I am commenting (and congratulating you) however is because I may wish to ask your permission to use the photograph if it is still available in 12-18 months’ time. I am wrestling with the texts of many plants of R genera in preparation for adding them to my Master text, website and eventually the next edition of the CD. Although access to the website is free, the CD is not.
    The reason for the hesitation is that until I have managed to complete a major part of the research and writing I cannot anticipate whether species from the Raoulia genus will be included. This is however a genuine request and I would be very glad to receive your approval. If you were to say ‘yes’ perhaps we could communicate by email (sue@plantlives.com).
    Sue Eland

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