10 responses to “Phyteuma humile”

  1. basskaran

    really very good pl keep it

  2. Mustela Furo

    Ooo, pretty! Is there a place on the net where you can get seeds for that?

  3. amanda

    wow! it reminds me of a forth of july firecracker.

  4. palmer

    i’m enjoying your pics daily. i love using the photos as landscaping ideas for my yard. the only problem i’m having is the fact that you mainly have close-up photos and not photos of the whole plant. you make such great photos, i just think your site would be even more helpful if we could see a photo of each(a close-up and a full view). nonetheless, keep up the good work!!!

  5. Beverley Merryfield

    Daniel – I am always amazed at the increased quality and beauty of the photo [or plant] when I maximize. Today is no exception. Interesting!

  6. Daniel Mosquin

    palmer: I try fairly often for specimen or landscape shots, but I’ve nowhere near the success rate in terms of achieving photographs I’m willing to keep / share – perhaps a 95% toss rate as opposed to a 30% toss rate for the macros on a subject by subject basis. Other people have commented similarly to you, and the concern is duly noted. Maybe I’ll find the right combination of equipment, timing and expertise to have a higher success rate someday.

  7. Charles Burdine

    I love the close up shots. Since my climate in Austin Texas is in no way similar to that of British Columbia – I haven’t been considering any of your plants for my landscape. However, some of the plant families have suitable varieties so I may use their cousins someday.
    I am strictly an amateur when it comes to photography, but what camera set up are you using for these pictures?

  8. Daniel Mosquin

    Charles – I’ve a fairly simple set-up. For almost all of the macros, I use a Canon Digital Rebel with the Canon 100mm Macro USM lens, a fairly basic tripod and often a Wimberley plamp to hold the branch steady. On occasion, I also use a small reflector. Ah, I also typically have a polarizer on the macro lens, both to cut down glare and to protect the lens surface.

  9. denise

    Do you every consider using macro shots by other photographers? I focus on nature photography and am a botany enthusiast-just curious. I enjoy your work; thanks!

  10. Sarah

    I have fallen in love with this flower.

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