6 responses to “Phlomis cashmeriana”

  1. Mustela Furo

    Oh, that’s so pretty! Is that the top of the plant, or can another shoot grow through the center?
    If so, does the plant have multiple bunches already?

  2. Zoe

    These botanical are wonderful. May they be used as the basis of a painting? Thanks.

  3. Catherine


  4. Daniel Mosquin

    Zoe – I have no problem with you using it as a painting if it is for your personal use. If it is going to be sold commercially en masse, then you’ll need to send me an email to discuss it.

  5. Jeremy Cherfas

    Not to take overall issue with Brent, but this gardener finds Phlomis — especially Phlomis fruticosa — too often allowed to become coarse and blowsy and overblown. I think they need regular cutting down to size!

    This one, however, is a definite for my garden Someday/maybe list.

  6. Whitworth Deen

    A delightful surprise to learn of this plant’s existence! Now— where to find it? I have had success growing Phlomis Fruticosa in my garden, but for some reason Phlomis Russelliana gives up the ghost when I have (twice) tried it. What a JOY it is to learn of this new plant. “The leaves of every green plant are a library teaching us the wisdom of the Creator.”

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