5 responses to “Embothrium coccineum”

  1. leeermalee

    This Plant is called a “cigar Plant”

  2. Joe

    Does anyone have seeds for this plant? Embothrium coccineum
    I have a few things to trade for it.

  3. Ken Dobbs

    Hello , Don’t know if anyone else has given seed suppliers , but here’s one in britain ( UK ),
    01803 972939
    I bought my seeds from a garden centre supplied by these guy’s @ 20 feb 2008 , Hope this helps , Ken dobbs .

  4. Jan M. van Dijk

    December 2008 I have been to Bariloche in the Andes Mountians in Argentinia. Never seen so many awesome Embothrium coccineum flowering.
    Is there any young plant supplier in UK, France or Spain of this species in the Protea family?

  5. M. Morris

    I have just discovered this tree blooming wonderfully in Ireland. Is it possible to purchase one. I live in an oceanic climate, Vancouver Island and feel it would survive here.

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