5 responses to “Cornus macrophylla”

  1. Mustela Furo

    Cool! All we have here is C. Florida. (Darn) I never knew there were so many kinds, until I looked up Cornus in the New Western Garden Book. Are those Sumacs in the photo’s top left background?

  2. victor

    just too good ! amazing…

  3. Daniel Mosquin

    Mustela – I think that’s a Sorbus (mountain-ash) of some sort, but the leaves certainly resemble those of sumac.

  4. Dave Hauser

    I just bought one of these this Spring but it has red-orange bark. Is that possible or was I sold a different tree?
    It also has wilted and leaves turned brown. How much shade does this need? I live in Western Oregon and we have not had many warm days yet.

  5. Niña

    This has a similar feel to our native Cornus alternafolia here in Vermont. The branching doesn’t feel quite as horizontal and the blooms look more vase shaped, not quite as flat topped. Lovely.

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