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  1. Colleen Kilkenny

    Looks like the sun.

  2. jeff scarsdale

    What a far out photograph!!! Looks as though it will shred or eat anything that comes neer it.To bad we can,t get plants/shrubs like these in ILLINOIS.

  3. Quentin Cronk

    This photo shows the deeply serrated linear leaves characteristic of several Banksia species. Curiously the Canadian shrub Comptonia has remarkably similar leaves – a good example of parallel evolution.

  4. laura

    I LOVE this site! I wonder if it’s related to the Eucylptis (pardon my spelling)

  5. pam stanton

    i would love to try growing this where i live in del mar CA. i think the soil and climate might be right

  6. Catherine

    Love these pictures & information about all these plants Wish I could grow them !

  7. Daniel Mosquin

    laura: No, it’s not related to Eucalyptus, which is in the family Myrtaceae. Myrtaceae and Proteaceae are quite distantly related.

  8. Vilasinee Arthayukti

    I love this flower, Banksia. Such a strange- and wonderful-looking flower.

  9. Geoff Watton

    Please note that the Flower of the day is not commonly known as the woolybear banksia (that name is reserved for the flower spikes of Banksia baueri).
    The photo of the day does not really flatter the species as the individual floral parts (perianths styles & bracts) have not yet opened to show their full beauty.
    For a comprehensive guide to all the banksias (with beautiful photos) see my book “A Field Guide to Banksias”, published in Australia.

  10. Daniel Mosquin

    Geoff, thanks for the comments. My reference for the “incorrect” common name was Illawara Grevillea Park. As you almost certainly know, common names are not reserved and can be applied willy-nilly, so it may indeed be that some people call this species by that name – but I agree with you, Banksia baueri is far more deserving of that common name than Banksia baxteri.
    I’d be quite happy to follow-up this photograph with a photograph of yours showing the plant in full flower if you like!

  11. Sharon King

    Greetings! I have a Banksia baxteri growing in my front yard that I purchased at UCSC Arboretum , which specializes in Australian and South African flora, and English heathers, all which grow beautifully in Santa Cruz, California. My Banksia is one year old (since I planted it about two feet high) and has two perfect flowers and is about 3.5 feet high. It is my all time favorite plant– in a gopher basket, of course! I think you could probably grow it in Del Mar, a similar climate, but warmer, especially in the winter. How big does it get, by the way?

  12. Susan Martin

    Love the fact that you are experimenting with the growth of these species here in Canada…In a few years we will need these with our climate getting warmer…but they are so very beautiful…will they also attract a certain insect thou?
    keep growing please, I learn so much from your website!
    Great work and labour of love indeed.

  13. gina

    Where can I buy one in Los Angeles?

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