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  1. Mustela Furo

    Those pictures are great! Are they all by one photographer, or are they submitted by regular people?

  2. Daniel Mosquin

    Mustela, thank you. Unless otherwise noted in the text, I’ve taken the photograph. I’ve been too busy to set up a user submission scheme on Flickr, but I do have one set up on the garden’s discussion forums: Botany Photo of the Day Submissions. I think in July I’ll start featuring user-submitted photographs once a week.

  3. Vajjiravel Murugesan

    Dear Sir.,
    I very much like this Web, I’m not a botany student but i can see the web regularly.
    This is very useful for all
    Thanking you,
    Vel M

  4. Jeremy Cherfas

    Lovely picture, as always. I had a lot of trouble, some time ago, sourcing the plant that is commonly known as alkanet. I think it was A. officinalis, but I don’t remember. Anyway, the reason I wanted it was to use the roots as a dye, but I never did get any fleshy roots from any of the sources I tried.

    I’d love to do a dyer’s garden somewhere …

  5. Ibrahim

    How to obtained the seed of Anchusa officinalis ?

  6. ertan selimoglu

    This page is really useful,thank you.If you add the
    medical use,it will be better. I wish succes for you,thanks a lot.

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