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  1. Timo

    Very nice photo!

  2. Daniel Mosquin

    An update: John Vaillant’s book was the winner of the 2005 Governor General’s Literary Award for Non-Fiction.

  3. Alex Jablanczy

    When I visited Queen Charlotte Islands Haida Guaii I was taken to Tlell River valley I believe and we saw across the river the Golden Sitka Spruce. It was indeed not green but healthy looking yet more yellow ochre in colour.
    I was also told that there are three not one specimens and the location of the other two are secret and inaccessible by road.
    So there still might be other specimens standing.
    If cuttings were taken from the exterminated tree than I dont see why the species variety or subspecies or most likely mutation is not genetically identical to the parent tree.
    It is therefore the mutant which still exists though not the same specimen.
    By the way only this is true cloning vegetative reproduction.
    One wonders if the chlorophyll doesnt have an altered heme like structure carrying the Mg ion in the centre the same as heme carries Fe and of course O2, and Cu in the case of insecta.
    Now you know why insect blood is yellow Cu + O2, and worm and mollusc and I almost forgot vertebrate blood is red Fe + O2, and finally vascular plants are green Mg + CO2 or O2?
    So when you look around and see color you see oxidised iron copper and magnesium.
    All carried in almost identical heme like molecule.
    Which brings us back to golden spruce. Could it have Cu instead of Mg, extremely unlikely.
    Possible that the heme is altered by a few methyl or =O or other side groups hence changing light resonance and colour.
    Or maybe it had a mitochondrial disease causing the altered proteins sugars alkaloids to produce a masking colour of the green normal chlorophyll still present.

  4. josephine

    I am looking up this website to follow on from reading ‘The Golden Spruce’. Living in Queensland, Australia, and dreaming of working in Canada, the book was passed on to us and was the best introduction to the west coast and Haida Gwaii.
    Would love to try and grow one here on our coastal block to continue the story.
    Can we buy a graft to be sent overseas?

  5. Karen Murray-Broadhead

    I just finished reading the book….I don’t know what I thought I would be reading, but I was extremely engulfed by the narrative. With the events happening within my space in time, I kept wondering where I was during those years….oh, I know where I was, but how did I not hear about or read about what was taking place? My family history tells me my Norwegian grandfather, Ever Everson, ran a saloon in British Columbia for thirteen years before settling in Wisconsin. I wonder, now, if he knew of The Golden Spruce? And, then, to see the name Broadhead within the pages of the book by John Vailant I felt I was receiving a subtle message. And, to know my great-grandfather, on the Murray side, was involved in the logging of Northern Wisconsin; the fact my Lake Superior Ojibway-Bad River heritage parallels the Native American situations everywhere only add to the strength I gathered from The Golden Spruce! Thank you!

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