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  1. Glenys Marshall-Inman

    Hi, I am so excited but also anxious. My Meconopsis Betonicifolia are finally budding. I grew them from seen two years ago. I have been told to cut all the buds from them as
    they come out. I have done this – 6 so far – it is so difficult to
    do this, but I have been told that the plant will die if I do not do so. Last year they did not bud at all.
    I hope you can help me – G

  2. Daniel Mosquin

    Hi Glenys,
    I’m sorry, but I don’t know. I’m not a horticulturist or a master gardener. You’re far more likely to get an immediate response to your question if you ask at on the UBC Garden Forums.

  3. Michael F

    Come to this from the ‘year-on’ link . . .
       “Meconopsis cambrica. The people at the Meconopsis Group think it is doubtful that this disjunct species will remain a Meconopsis with a taxonomic re-examination”
    Err . . no, since M. cambrica is the type species of Meconopsis. They’d have to move all the Himalayan species out to a different genus.

  4. Daniel Mosquin

    From this page on the distribution of Meconopsis in the wild:

    The one exception to an Asian distribution of Meconopsis is the Welsh poppy, M. cambrica. It is native to restricted parts of Britain and Western Europe. This outlying species does not truly fit within the genus Meconopsis, and in time it is likely that this will be attended to by the botanists, with a name change.

    I suppose that could be interpreted differently, but I took it to mean that the type would be reassigned and the name conserved for most species in the genus, much like what was done with Acacia.

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