10 responses to “Letharia vulpina”

  1. Luke Alexander

    My dog died 18 hours after eating a small amount of this lichen. Beware.

  2. Susanne Altermann

    I’d like to point out that this is one of the few lichens that was actually recognized by Linnaeus. He named it “Lichen vulpinus.”

  3. Daniel Mosquin

    Thanks Susanne – I didn’t know that re: the synonymy.

  4. Maire Smith

    The ground glass seems a bit silly. See http://www.snopes.com/horrors/poison/glass.htm for why.

  5. Daniel Mosquin

    Perhaps so, although I’ve seen dogs simply gulp down food without chewing… Noted, though, that it does seem silly.

  6. Teri Rofkar

    Has any one tried growing this moss? Such a slow growing fungus, needing undisturbed rotted wood? I have difficulty finding it as well…

  7. Eleanor Choe

    Cool… I think I’ve seen this around but it says here that it’s found in North America. I’m in American Samoa. Is it possible that I saw this lichen down here?

  8. Daniel Mosquin

    Not really – it’s far more likely to be something different. The worldwide distribution of Letharia vulpina seems to be restricted to the Northern Hemisphere.

  9. Xooxer

    The ground glass probably helped to speed the poison to the blood stream, rather than waiting for it to pass through the digestive system.

  10. vm

    I’ve tasted this stuff, it is bitter. It grows all over in Montana.

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