5 responses to “Conopholis americana”

  1. Daniel Mosquin

    To see a photograph of the fruit, check out this thread from UBC’s discussion forums for plant identification.

  2. Joyce Depew

    I am a biology student studying at SUNY Orange and
    I’m so glad that this photo and some information was made available to an instructor here at the college.
    I discovered this plant while hiking Storm King Mountain near Route 218 in the vicinity of Cornwall, NY. I found it in the seed bearing stage, growing in a heavily forested area where it was popping up in colonies
    on an old logging road. It looked like fungi but on closer examination it definitely did not fit that category.

  3. Anne Klingensmith

    May 20 2009, finding Conopholis americana just emerging from the ground, looking very much like a yellow pinecone! in the oak beech woods at the Lab of Ornithology, Sapsucker Woods. Happy that I was able to use the photo here to help me ID it. Thanks!

  4. Ed Scott

    Thanks for the information. I took a similar photo and wasted loads of time looking at photos of fungi to find the species. Finally decided it was a plant and that got me here.

  5. Sue Troutman

    This plant is extremely invasive with a root system, not to be believed! On top of being quite ugly is is extremely difficult to dig up. How can I eliminate it? There is more and more of it each year, although it just appeared, with just a couple of “stalks” just 2 years ago.

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