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  1. HERRMANN Walter

    Not up to date my comment 2 years after but still want to add to the Amsonia elliptica entry that according to my files this species name refers to the Japanese representative whereas the Chinese call their species A. sinensis. In the Iconographia sinicorum 1974/3 plate 4812 it is described as annual and its habitat : Jiangsu and Anhui provinces are almost subtropical whereas the Japanese elliptica is described as perennial and native of Northern Hokkaido. Other morphological details i have not yet compared but can do on request.

  2. Daniel Mosquin

    Interesting, Herrmann. As you’ll note, we’ve followed the Flora of China which presumably has meant the Apocynaceae expert has recently looked at this (in fact, he/she declares Amsonia sinensis to be a synonym of Amsonia elliptica).

  3. HERRMANN Walter

    Thanks for Your answer and explanatory remarks about the synonymy of Amsonia elliptica and A sinensis. Still i want to draw attention to the differences (based on the description of Iconographia Cormophytorum Sinicorum 1974/3 in comparison to that given for A. elliptica in the new Japanese Flora 1993/3a: Habit: size -30 cm, Leaves: 2,2-4,8 x 0.5-0.8 Corolla: 10mm (June) whereas the Japanese A. elliptica is given with 40-100 cm, leaves: 3-8 x 1-2,5 cm and corolla 17mm ´May-June. Sounds much like a varietal form.
    Kind regards!

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