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  1. Niall Williams

    Great to hear that Davidson’s pics. are to be digitized. I personally know the lady who made sure that his vast collection of notes and photos, would be taken care of, she will be glad to hear of this activity. John’s first botanical treatise, about the flora of BC, was first published by Boam around 1911, this rare book has some good photos, of BC flora. You may want to consider copying some of those also. I have a jpeg file of this article if you want it. Copyrights have ran out on it.

  2. Joe Clarke

    Most interesting to see the photo appear when I googled Botany John.He lived his last years next door to my grandmother on 33 rd Ave near Blenheim.
    my interest in his legacy to us all in the form of the Riverview lands, now threatened by Gordon
    Campbell and his shortsighted plan to sell the lands
    (OUR LANDS) to developers,makes my blood boil.
    These grounds harbour incredible specimen trees and to think that they are threatened as is our right to
    enjoy this parklike area ,is a good reason tobecome
    more vocal in their defence.

  3. Van

    I love the hand-tinting. Egads, the clothing was formal. Great series.

  4. John Settle

    I have a collection of B&W 35mm slides and am interested in hand-tinting / colouring some of them.
    Does anybody know whether this is possible?

  5. Connie

    for John Settle-
    Scan them. Enlarge them onto paper. Hand color them, or Photoshop them right in the computer. If hand painted, scan again. Print them out either on transparent media or paper.

  6. Richard Emery

    My wife and I have five (5) “colored” Davidson photos and don’t really have a place to put them.
    Could you give us any ideas as to how we could sell the to someone who would truly appreciate them?
    Thank You
    Richard Emery

  7. Daniel Mosquin

    Sell them? I suppose the City of Vancouver Archives has some money for acquisitions (and the staff to assess whether it would be a good addition to their collection).

  8. c bakewell

    Hello. I just wanted to let you know that some elements of your website are hard to scan for me, as I’m color blind. I am afflicted by deuteranopia, however there are more kinds of color blindness that may also have problems. I can understand most of the web site OK, and those elements I have difficulties with I am able to understand by using a adapted browser. Neverthless, it would be nice if you can remember us color-blind folk when carrying out your next web page revamp. Many Thanks.

  9. Mary Clarke

    I used to make lantern slides as part of my job in my younger days. If you understand that these were only about three inches in size you realize what a delicate hand was needed to put colour only where you wanted it.

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